Invisalign for Teens – Weighing Your Options

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These days, teenagers have enough to worry about without feeling stressed out by their smiles. Crooked teeth may keep them tight-lipped, but the thought of a mouth full of metal might be even more embarrassing.

Even though traditional braces have come a long way over the years, lots of teens still fret over fussy wires and bothersome brackets.

Fortunately, Invisalign® has many benefits that make it an excellent new treatment option for teens.

Choosing an Invisalign® Teen Provider Alpharetta

It is important to choose a specialist in Orthodontics to start and oversee your treatment as they have the most training and experience to ensure a successful outcome. If your dentist has recommended Invisalign®, you can always ask them for a referral to an Alpharetta Orthodontist they trust.

What makes Invisalign® for teens such a great orthodontic option? Let’s take a look!

Invisalign® is Virtually Invisible

Alpharetta Invisalign aligners are made of a smooth, clear plastic that is virtually impossible to see. Most people won’t even notice them.

Let’s be real – image is important. Feeling like they fit in with their peers is important to a student’s self-esteem. Invisalign® recently conducted a Teen Confidence survey and found that teens wearing Invisalign® were almost 70% less likely to be teased than those wearing traditional metal braces. That’s a pretty significant statistic!

Self-Confidence Boost

Invisalign Alpharetta - Newpark OrthodonticsIn the same survey, results showed that teens wearing Invisalign® aligners were 2x more likely to experience a boost in self-esteem while in treatment than teens wearing metal braces.

Middle school and high school happen at the height of hormone craziness, and kids with traditional braces can often be teased.

Feeling more confident in their appearance gives teens more time to focus on the things that really matter.

In and Out

Metal braces can hold you back in certain areas. It can be hard to hit the right note if you’re worried about cutting your lip on your instrument, or difficult to concentrate on scoring the game-winning goal if you’re afraid of what a ball to the face could do to your braces.

That’s why we love to recommend Invisalign® to our athletic and musically inclined teen patients!

Because the aligners are removable, your teen can easily pop them out before an important concert or game. And since they’re made of smooth plastic, there aren’t any wires to irritate the soft tissues of the mouth when your teen is making music or magic on the field.

Bonus: athletes can comfortably wear normal mouthguards since Invisalign is fully removable.

Complimentary Invisalign Consultation

Eat Freely

There are a number of dietary restrictions that come with metal braces. Invisalign® has many benefits and this is a big one!

Teens can remove the aligner every time they eat, meaning they can chew gum, crunch into whole apples, and enjoy sweet sticky caramel. In fact, they can eat all their favorite foods anytime they want!

Removable aligners also mean teens only need to brush and floss as they normally would for proper oral hygiene.

Invisalign® Cost Comparable

Surely a treatment like Invisalign® costs an arm and leg, right? What if I told you it actually costs about the same as metal braces? Not only that but just like traditional braces, Alpharetta Invisalign® is covered under most dental plan policies.

All the many benefits of Invisalign® and no extra cost? You can’t beat that!

So, now you know that Invisalign® has many benefits, a comparable cost, and very few restrictions. Need a little more convincing?


Alpharetta Orthodontists tell us that teens are actually more reliable than adults when it comes to wearing their Invisalign® aligner. On average, they’re wearing their aligners 21 hours per day, exactly as recommended.

And the great news is that when worn according to the recommendations of an experienced and trained orthodontist, Invisalign® can be just as effective as traditional braces for the most common teeth-straightening issues, including mild to severe cases of underbite, overbite, overcrowding, and gaps in between teeth.

How Does Invisalign® Work?

Once Dr. Nima fits your teen for their Invisalign® aligner, they’ll wear each set for approximately two weeks, removing them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss. As we replace each aligner with the next in the series, your teen’s teeth will shift week by week until they have straightened to the final position for a beautiful straight smile.

You should also plan to visit our practice about once every six weeks to ensure that the treatment is progressing as planned. Total treatment time typically lasts 9 to 15 months, and the number of clear aligners worn during treatment is between 18 and 30, but treatment time varies from case to case.

Invisalign® Treatment with Newpark Orthodontics

Newpark Ortho Alpharetta Teen Invisalign

Each smile that we create starts with a complimentary consultation. Each consultation includes exams, x-rays, and photographs as needed.

Your complimentary consultation will give you the opportunity to meet our team, learn more about orthodontics,, and find out what treatment options will best meet your needs. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable with our team and answer all of your questions and concerns.

Dr. Nima and his experienced team are proud to serve the Atlanta metropolitan area. He is the only Fulton County board-qualified orthodontist who is dual Ivy League trained and has been voted Alpharetta’s best orthodontist for three years in a row.

We take great pride in always being available to our patients in or near Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and Roswell, whether you’re brand new to our practice or have been with us for years! To find out if the many benefits of Invisalign are an option for your teen, call us today to schedule your free consultation at Newpark Orthodontics. We look forward to helping your teen discover their best, most beautiful smile!

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