Johnc Creek Orthodontist - Dr. Nima Hajibaik

Dr. Nima is here to help you get your adult orthodontic treatment and make the journey worth it for you. Many adult patients are worried it’s not even worth it to begin their dental realignment treatment at an advanced age, but we’re here to tell you that orthodontics for adults is an efficient treatment that can help you get the smile you deserve here at Johns Creek.

Our team’s philosophy is to exceed your expectations regarding orthodontic treatment in Johns Creek. We create an individualized treatment plan that focuses on your circumstances to create a path that will help you achieve your goals without a hitch. Get in touch with our team to get adult braces in Johns Creek.

Are Braces Worth It as an Adult?

Fortunately, the answer here is a resounding yes. Here in the US, according to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), around 1 in every 4 patients undergoing orthodontic treatment is an adult. If you are part of the millions of adults who are eager to fix their dental alignment, you should know the journey is worth all the effort.

Orthodontics for adults isn’t just for a cosmetic fix; instead, dental alignment has a close relationship with your oral health. It’s much easier to keep your teeth clean when they’re well-aligned, meaning orthodontics can help you prevent the negative results of gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities as you age.

Make sure you get a treatment that helps you improve your oral health and gives you a smile you can be proud of by coming to our office and getting adult braces in Johns Creek.

What Are the Options for Adult Braces?

There are several options for you to complete your treatment with braces for adults here with the team of Newpark Orthodontics. Having several options to choose from will help you plan your treatment and begin a treatment that suits your needs best.

Traditional Metal Braces

Metal Braces in Alpharetta

When you think of orthodontics, your mind will probably think of conventional metal braces first. Don’t worry, though, as metal braces are now sleeker, more cosmetically appealing, and more durable now than ever before. If you want to make sure your treatment is as reliable as possible, you should contact the best orthodontist Johns Creek has available for metal braces and start fixing your smile today!

Clear Ceramic Braces

Clear braces are an ideal choice for patients who wish to have a more discreet treatment option. This type of orthodontic appliance came as a result of considerable innovation in materials science and design. The ceramic composites blend with your natural tooth color, making your brackets far less visible when you smile. Just make sure to ask your Johns Creek orthodontist about some recommendations because the material is not as durable as stainless steel.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign Treatment in Alpharetta & Roswell

Clear aligners are definitely the next stage in orthodontics when it comes to efficiency, predictability of results, and level of comfort. These are BPA-free plastic aligners that fit your teeth like a glove. These aligner trays are custom-made thanks to a system of an oral 3D scanner. You just have to come for an initial consultation, where we’ll take a closer look at your current oral health status and alignment, create a 3D model of your dental structures, and have the design printed.

Start Your Orthodontic Treatment for Adults in Johns Creek

Dr. Nima and his whole team are here to help you achieve a beautiful smile, no matter your age. Make sure to set up an appointment to learn more about the many options available to you for your orthodontic treatment in Johns Creek. You can also give us a phone call at 678-389-9400 to check for our team’s availability and set up a consultation at a time that fits your schedule best.