Finalizing your orthodontic treatment means getting retainers in Alpharetta. We want to start by congratulating you on sticking to your treatment, avoiding foods that could break your braces, using your invisible aligners for at least 22 hours each day, and frequently coming to the orthodontist office to control your progress. Getting your teeth and jaws realigned is a tough job, but if we want all that effort to be worth it, we have to make sure that the results we got become permanent.

Even if you complete the use of your main orthodontic appliances to relocate your teeth or fix the alignment of your jaws, you are still at risk of a relapse where your teeth will move back into the incorrect position. That is precisely why retainers in John’s Creek are so important. Retainers will help your teeth stay in position. It can take anywhere from four to six months, but if you don’t use retainers after completing the use of braces, your teeth may slip back to their previous and malaligned position.

There are different types of retainers, and they all have the same purpose. Once you finish relocating your teeth, you use retainers to secure the work done. Retainers in Roswell can be removable or not. Removable retainers still have to be used for the better part of a day, every day, as long as your orthodontist indicates. These retainers are very easy to get, and they are a favorite for patients who are eager to remove all appliances from their mouths; however, you should still be careful to use them according to your orthodontist’s instructions.

Patients using these retainers are at a higher risk of relapse. Because you can remove some retainers when you eat, and because you should remove them when you brush your teeth or when you want to clean the retainers, many patients tend to ignore just how important it is to wear their retainers at all times. Be careful not to lose your retainers in Alpharetta when you take them out for a quick bite or accidentally wrap them in a napkin and throw all your takeaway food in the trash can.

You can also get permanent retainers installed. A solid metallic wire gets bonded to the back of your teeth to avoid making them too noticeable in your mouth. The metallic wire is bent and made to adjust to the position of your teeth. It will apply very mild force over your teeth to keep them in place and prevent any relapse. The main drawback when you use permanent retainers is how difficult it is to clean them. The good news is there is no way you will accidentally lose your retainers in John’s Creek when you step outside and grab a quick bite.

You can set your next appointment with us to get examined and check what is necessary for your orthodontic treatment. Everyone’s case is different, and we want to make sure we can help you achieve that perfect and healthy smile. Always remember the importance of using your retainers in Roswell as indicated by your orthodontist and you will get that well-aligned smile you wanted.