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Dr. Nima and the staff at Newpark Orthodontics are committed to giving your family the best orthodontic care possible. We are proud to provide efficient and individualized care in an inviting atmosphere. Dr. Nima’s staff has highly-skilled professionals who work hard to give the best solutions to children and adults alike.


The success of your orthodontic treatment depends, to a large degree, on cooperation. Our partnership approach is crucial, as we also rely on your regular attendance, compliance with recommendations, and careful maintenance of a good oral hygiene routine for the best result during your treatment. It is our privilege and honor to have you choose Newpark Orthodontics, and we look forward to helping you make this journey as pleasant and affordable as possible.

Safe Environment

At Newpark Orthodontics, your safety is our highest priority. We have kept an eye on the recommendations from the CDC, OSHA, and state dental boards throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. While some requirements have changed, healthcare settings such as ours must remain vigilant. Our practice requires all patients to wear face masks properly. We recognize these measures can be frustrating, but we will continue to monitor guidelines and adjust our protocols when possible to ensure everyone’s safety as much as we can. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this COVID-19 pandemic