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Dr. Nima and his team here at Newpark Orthodontics is here to help your children achieve the best version possible of their smiles, and we want to show why two-phase orthodontics might just be the best treatment available for your child.

Our team works hard to meet and exceed your expectations, which is truly the mark of the best when it comes to orthodontics for children in Johns Creek. When your kid comes to our orthodontic office in Johns Creek, they will meet a specialist and a team determined to help them develop a personalized treatment plan adjusted precisely to their unique circumstances. We’re here to make your kid love their orthodontic treatment in Johns Creek!

What Is Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment?

Two-phase orthodontic treatment is an age-specific process that combines the best in orthodontic care and dentofacial orthopedics with the aim of guiding your kid’s jaw bone growth and dental development while addressing potential causes for concern regarding their dental alignment.

Orthodontic treatment can be particularly efficient when the patient is young, as we can spot signs of abnormal jaw growth and dental malalignment that let us make any required corrections, reducing the need for dental extractions in the future and minimizing the length and complexity of any additional required treatments.

Two-phase treatment is important because it improves the chances of letting your kid achieve a healthy, beautiful, and functional smile that will last them for a lifetime.

All in all, two-phase orthodontics let your kids enjoy:

  • Proper eruption of permanent teeth.
  • Potential reduction of additional treatment’s length.
  • Avoid the need for dental extractions in the future.
  • Appealing changes in their facial structure.
  • Uninterrupted function of dental structures.

How Does Two-Phase Orthodontics Work?

There are two separate stages in this treatment, as the name implies, and your kid will also enjoy a “resting period” that allows the remaining permanent teeth to erupt. Please consult with your kids’ orthodontist, as putting off this type of treatment may result in the need for a more aggressive and lengthier treatment during your kids’ teenage years.

Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment

This initial phase, or interceptive treatment, usually begins between the ages of 7 to 10. Dr. Nima emphasizes that the goals of phase-one treatment include:

  • Helping your kid’s jaw develop with sufficient space to accommodate all of the incoming permanent teeth.
  • Achieving the ideal relation between the position of your kid’s upper and lower jaw.

Besides, it is during this phase of treatment that our team can detect jaw growth and development issues that might require treatment alongside other specialists.

Here at Newpark Orthodontics, we focus on developing non-surgical treatment options for your kids, meaning that we can plan the required treatment if we spot signs of a narrow jaw or a jaw malocclusion that could benefit from braces or aligners. Other signs of dental crowding are also noticeable at this time, letting us begin treatment that can easily correct the notorious conditions.

Usually, this phase will last anywhere between 6 to 12 months.

Resting Period

As the name suggests, this is a time for rest. We won’t be doing anything to your kids’ teeth, as we want to let permanent teeth erupt without anything in their way. We won’t even recommend the use of retainers, as we want to let teeth move freely and reach the intended position.

Unlike other patients, your kid won’t have to worry about dental crowding because all the work from phase I orthodontics will have created sufficient space for the eruption of their permanent teeth, which means no concerns about impacted teeth.

One thing that could prove necessary during this short period is that your kid might benefit from dental extraction of a few primary teeth to hasten the eruption of permanent ones. Even if your kid doesn’t have to get specific treatments, they will still benefit from periodic appointments with our team.

Then, we will review the position of your kids’ permanent teeth and jaws to check if Phase II orthodontics is necessary or not.

Phase II Orthodontics

Phase II treatment aims to ensure that your kid’s permanent teeth are in the correct position. We use orthodontic appliances, such as traditional metal braces or Invisalign clear aligners, to ensure your kid’s teeth and jaws fit perfectly in relation to each other and the lips, tongue, and cheeks so they can perform the intended function without problems.

Usually, this phase of treatment can last anywhere between 18 to 24 months, after which your kid will have to wear retainers that prevent orthodontic relapse.

Do All Children Need Two-Phase Orthodontics?

While all children should visit an orthodontist by age 7, as per the official recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), not every kid will need the same treatment plan.

Children whose parents suspect jaw malocclusion or other orthodontic problems, such as severe bite issues and dental crowding, will benefit from Phase I orthodontic treatment. Early intervention might be the best way to ensure your kid receives the treatment they require, but the only way to know for sure is to bring them to an appointment with a board-certified orthodontist in Johns Creek.

Besides, some orthodontic problems can’t be solved until after a kid’s baby teeth fall out or their jaws stop growing, but in any case, you will need guidance from a specialist to know for sure what will work best in your kid’s case.

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