Braces Treatment in Roswell

Finding the right orthodontist in Roswell can make or break your teeth straightening experience. You want to find a place that you feel will be a good fit for you. Ideally, you want to go to a place where you feel comfortable, welcome, and listened to. If you live in the Roswell area and are looking for an orthodontist, we suggest stopping by to meet us! At our Roswell location, we offer braces and ceramic braces!

Types of Braces in Roswell

Whether you are a child, teen, or adult, getting braces can feel nerve-wracking. Our orthodontists at Newpark Orthodontics wants you to know that we are here to help you feel more comfortable. Roswell braces come in different forms. We, of course, have the traditional metal braces, but we also have other forms that are more discrete. Our discrete options include ceramic braces and Invisalign in Roswell. Our traditional braces are the most common choice for patients for a few reasons.

Metal Braces Roswell

Metal braces are very durable, which makes them ideal for children and teens. The wires and brackets are less likely to break, and they cannot get lost or fall out. The brackets are dentally cemented onto the tooth, which helps them to stay in place. It is very common to see children and teens sporting traditional metal braces. If our patients get metal braces or even ceramic braces, we always suggest cutting hard and chewy foods out of their diet. These types of foods can cause breakage to wires and brackets, and if teeth are not cleaned properly, it can lead to cavities.

Ceramic Braces Roswell

Ceramic Braces are similar to traditional metal braces. They are cemented into place on the tooth and use brackets and wires to move teeth over time. The most significant difference between ceramic and metal braces is that ceramic braces are made of tooth-colored materials. This form of braces is more expensive than metal braces but not quite as expensive as Invisalign. Ceramic braces function the same as metal braces but give a discrete look to them, which makes them less obvious in your mouth.

Braces Roswell! Making an Appointment With Us

We recommend making an appointment with us if you are curious about any form of braces in Roswell. When you come in, we can give you a tour of our office so you can get a better feel of the space and our working environment. We look forward to seeing you and answering any questions you may have for us!


What are braces made of?

Depending on the types of braces you get, braces in Roswell are made from various different materials. Traditional metal braces are made from metals, where Invisalign is made out of a flexible thermoplastic. If you want ceramic braces, those are made up of ceramic brackets.

Which braces are better metal or ceramic?

Again, depending on the patient’s particular situation, either metal or ceramic braces, can be ideal for them. If they need a more affordable option, then we suggest metal braces. If they want a more discrete look, we suggest Roswell ceramic braces treatment.

Why should adults get Roswell braces?

Adults should get braces only if they need them. There are times when our patients had braces when they were younger, but over time their teeth moved out of place. This is when we recommend adult braces treatment in Roswell. You are never too old to achieve your dream smile.

What orthodontic treatments are required for adults in Roswell?

If an adult needs adult orthodontics in Roswell, there are specific treatments that will be required. The first set of treatments is their particular form of braces. Depending on the types of braces they receive will depend on the further treatment that they will require.

What is the average cost of Roswell braces treatment?

The average cost of braces treatment in Roswell is around $5000 to $6000. Pricing all depends on if you have insurance that will cover part of the price or not. Always make sure to ask if your orthodontist does payment plans; they are beneficial to those who cannot pay thousands of dollars upfront.