What To Expect at Your First Orthodontics Appointment

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Having a straight smile is important, not just for your self-esteem, but for your overall health, too. It is recommended that children visit an orthodontist at the age of seven so that the orthodontist can begin monitoring the child’s mouth to determine when the best time for treatment would be. But what can you expect at your first orthodontic appointment?

“The first appointment is more like a get to know you appointment,” says Dr. Nima of Newpark Orthodontics. “It’s an opportunity for you and your family to get to know me and my staff and understand our treatment philosophy, but it’s also a time for us to get to know your mouth to determine what, if any, treatment is needed.”

X-Rays and Digital Images

A member of Dr. Nima’s staff will take x-rays and photos of your mouth. By utilizing both, Dr. Nima gets a complete and accurate picture of what may be happening in your mouth, which allows him to craft the most ideal orthodontic treatment plan for you.

Physical Examination

After the x-rays and photos, Dr. Nima will do a physical examination. He’ll check to make sure teeth are falling out in the correct pattern, and look for any issues that may indicate there could be cause for concern at some point. He’ll then combine this information with the information gathered from the x-rays and digital images to determine if treatment is needed.

While it is recommended that all children see an orthodontist at the age of seven, most children do not need orthodontic treatment at that time. In this case, Dr. Nima will recommend the child come in for check-ups periodically to determine if and when treatment may be needed in the future. By undergoing orthodontic treatment at the right time, you can save additional time and money that would be spent later, when the problem gets more complicated to treat.

Discussing All Treatment Options

If treatment is indicated, Dr. Nima will discuss all treatment options with you. He’ll indicate which he thinks will provide the best result, but will give you information on any treatment routes that may work so you can make the decision that works best for your family.

Answering Your Questions

Dr. Nima will also be sure to give you adequate time to ask any questions or voice any concerns that you may have. This will give you the opportunity to learn how long treatment can be expected to take, how often you’ll need to come back for the maintenance appointments, and anything else you may be wondering about.

Going Over Financial Obligations

Before beginning treatment, a member of Dr. Nima’s staff will also go over all financial obligations with you. If your dental insurance covers braces, a team member will help you file a claim and ensure you get the most benefit possible. Braces are important to ensuring proper oral health, so Dr. Nima never wants finances to prevent a patient from receiving their benefit. He offers flexible payment plans, and his staff will work with you to find a plan that will work within your family’s budget.

It is important that a parent or legal guardian attend the consultation appointment with a minor child.

It’s never too late to get a healthy, straight and properly functioning smile. Orthodontics is for patients of all ages. If you are ready to discover how orthodontics can help you, schedule your complimentary consultation today.

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