Straight Teeth Mean a Healthier Smile

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Orthodontics isn’t solely an aesthetic practice. While braces will help you look and feel your best, people with straight teeth also have less gum disease and less decay than those with crooked teeth. They enjoy better chewing and thus better digestion, more efficient brushing, and increased self-esteem. So what makes a straight smile a healthy smile?

Straight Teeth Reduce Pain

Poor tooth alignment can cause a variety of problems. Many people suffer from jaw pain, neck pain, or headaches because of their misaligned joints or wear and tear on the teeth. Regular chewing puts 150 pounds of force on your molars. A poorly aligned smile can result in unequal force distribution during chewing, causing unnecessary pain and strain on our patients. Sometimes, since the symptoms aren’t restricted to the teeth and jaw, people don’t even realize the root of their issues is a crooked smile. Our orthodontist in Alpharetta loves helping patients align their smiles, especially when it means our patients feel better and stronger as they live their lives. If you suffer from chronic aches in your head, jaw, or neck, it’s likely that aligning your teeth could help you with your pain.

Straight Smile Teeth Improve Oral Health

When teeth are straight and spaced evenly, they’re easier to floss and brush. Regular flossing keeps the threat of gum disease low, and brushing helps remove food particles and eradicate bacteria in the mouth. Do you have a crooked tooth that makes flossing a pain? Imagine how seamlessly you could floss with well-aligned teeth. Gum disease can lead to significant gum and bone loss, and the disease is even associated with heart disease and diabetes. An aligned smile is therefore stronger and less vulnerable to decay. Practice good oral care to ensure your bones stay healthy and strong as you grow older.

Straight Teeth Mean Better Digestion

Our teeth come in a variety of shapes, and they’re designed to chew different types of foods. The front teeth are made for cutting into food, and our flatter molars are made for grinding food into finer pieces. If your teeth are misaligned or if you’re missing a tooth, you very likely have trouble chewing or grinding food, which could result in poor or slow digestion. After braces help align your smile, you’ll understand just how efficiently teeth are designed. The digestion process starts in the mouth, as teeth gnash food and saliva help break down food particles. Align your smile and enjoy better digestion. Better digestion will leave you healthier and happier than before.

Straight Teeth Improve Self Esteem

You may have a friend who hides her beautiful laugh behind her hands. Maybe that friend is you. There’s no reason to be embarrassed about your smile, and there’s no reason you can’t give yourself the gift of a lifetime of beautiful smiles! You’ve already learned that a straight smile can reduce pain, improve your oral health, and improve your digestion. A straighter smile also means a more confident smile, and confidence can take you far in your personal life and in your career. When you look great, you feel great. When you feel great, you act great. You deserve to have a radiant, healthy smile.

There are many great reasons to decide to straighten your smile with Johns Creek orthodontics. We would love to discuss your unique smile and what alignment options are best for you.