Dramatic Improvement After Early Orthodontic Treatment (Phase I)

The following before and after photos are used to show the immense effect of early orthodontic treatment in correcting the bone structure and directing the jaw growth. This treatment can also help improve the self-confidence of a child that is being teased and bullied by his or her peers.

In the following photos, you can see how we were able to take advantage of the young bone structure to create space for severe crowding in the upper and lower jaws and also correct an under-bite. If left untreated, the child would have needed jaw surgery to correct the issues. Early orthodontic treatment is not needed for everyone, but once the treatment is needed, the results could be life-changing!

Early Orthodontic Treatment Case 3 Before After Image

Early Orthodontic Treatment Case 1 Before After Image

Early Orthodontic Treatment Case 2 Before After Image