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Dr. Nima and the rest of his team place their skill and experience at your disposition to offer personalized TMJ/TMD treatment in Johns Creek as part of our commitment to helping our patients fix their smile problems.

Newpark Orthodontics has a unique approach to orthodontics, as our main motivator is not limited only to cosmetic solutions but also to providing bite correction solutions to our patients. We adjust our availability because we respect your time and convenience. Learn more below about why you might need TMD treatment and how to get in touch with our office.

Can an Orthodontist Treat TMJ?

This will depend on the severity of your case. Dr. Nima is a skilled orthodontist who can help you develop a non-invasive treatment plan to reposition your teeth and jaw, allowing the symptoms related to temporomandibular joint disorder to abate. When your TMD is the result of jaw malocclusion problems, an orthodontist can treat your case and offer solutions for TMJ problems.

The treatment can vary depending on a lot of factors, which is why you shouldn’t wait any longer and set an appointment with us to review the current status of your dental structures and the severity of your symptoms. Remember that your first consultation with us is completely free!

What Is TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint, otherwise known as TMJ, is the joint that connects your lower jaw to the base of your skull and enables motion that translates into chewing, speaking, and yawning.

Please keep in mind that some people get mixed up with the terms TMJ and TMD. Where TMJ is a part of all our bodies, TMD is the acronym standing for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, which doesn’t affect everybody but does cause varying degrees of discomfort, requiring specialized treatment.

Do Braces in Johns Creek Help With TMJ?

TMJ disorder can have a close relation to issues with your bite, meaning that straightening your smile and realigning your jaw with braces can prove to be one of the best non-surgical solutions. Likewise, your Johns Creek orthodontist has access to resources and the knowledge required to offer alternative treatments that can help treat the symptoms.

Another way in which braces can treat TMD is by addressing teeth grinding or jaw clenching. Keep in mind that either situation will place considerable stress on the jaw muscles and your teeth, leading to considerable discomfort and chronic pain.

Still, you should consult with Dr. Nima to review your medical history and the severity of your symptoms. Traditional metal braces cannot fix every case of TMJ disorder.

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How to Diagnose TMD?

TMD is difficult to diagnose, and the first step is to rule out other causes of the signature pain. We will have to review your medical history, perform a physical examination of your TMJ and jaw muscles, and document your current dental health status with X-rays.

Unfortunately, there is no single or standardized test that allows us to diagnose a case of TMD. There are no specific causes that we, as dental health specialists or the scientific community at large, have identified as directly leading to the development of TMD.

Some health conditions, such as ear and sinus infections, can result in similar symptoms, not to mention that arthritis and other chorionic health problems have a close relationship with the appearance of TMD. Please pay close attention to the following symptoms:

  • Throbbing pain around your jaw.
  • Persistent pain, stuffiness, or ringing in your ears.
  • Constant headaches and a pain that radiates down through your neck.
  • Popping sounds or clicking when you open your mouth or move your lower jaw.
  • Occasional muscle spasms around your jaw.
  • Locking of your jaw or limitation in your jaw’s range of motion.

Get Help From the Best Johns Creek Orthodontist

As you can see, there’s plenty we can do for you with orthodontics, but you’ll have to first get in touch with us to determine what treatment options work best. Make sure to give us a call at 678-389-9400 to set an appointment at a time and date that works for you.

Here at Newpark Orthodontics, Dr. Nima leverages the best technology to deliver innovative solutions for your orthodontic problems. Let’s explore together if your TMD is caused by orthodontic problems and how our treatment options can help you fix them.

Get ready to receive your treatment with us. After a treatment with us, we can all say, “new smile, new you!”