How to Choose Your Rubber Band Colors

rubber band colors

Lots of fun colors to choose from. Who can say braces are boring? You can customize your braces with the rubber band colors of your choice and let everybody know you have your style.

Maybe you have a particular color in mind, but there is plenty of colors to choose from, so you never get tired of switching colors every two months. But also, who said combinations? Yes, you can combine rubber band colors and have lots of fun.

We also know deciding colors and designs might be an overwhelming task for newbies, so we came up with some ideas to make your orthodontic trip to a beautiful smile fun. So, let’s get ready to have a rainbow of color in our teeth.

Rubber Band Colors and Braces Ideas

If you want to color your mouth up a bit, here we have some fun ideas we thought you might enjoy reading and putting into practice. So, with no further introduction, let’s play.

Choose Your Favorite Characters

We love TV, movies, rockstars, and sports celebrities and characters, so who could deny feeling engaged with a personification that makes us feel part of a story or a game?

If you love Superman, Spiderman, or Captain America, you can try some blue and red colored rubber bands to go with your brackets. Let your imagination have no limits. Combine every other tooth with red and blue, or get a single color on each dental arch.

You might also like Disney characters like Frozen, for instance, and you can get some light blue colored rubber bands. So, to summarize, options are almost infinite; there are so many characters you can play with and have fun with their representing colors.

Amidst the many colors of characters, young orthodontic patients might also represent their favorite videogames. For example, you can wear the Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare dark green colored rubber bands. Or, if you feel retro, you can also try lighter green color rubber bands representing the Legend of Zelda.

Celebrate the Season

Holidays, seasons, celebrations, and national days; get inspired to represent this special time of the year. For Christmas eve, for instance, you can play with some green and red rubber bands matching your Christmasly clothing.

Also, you can represent Halloween with pumpkin-like orange color rubber bands and have fun showing kids your rubber bands while they come to play trick-or-treat. Fun is endless when it comes to getting some color to your look.

You might have a date or want to surprise your couple on Valentine’s. You can wear red rubber bands and match them with your nails and dress. Or what about a leafy green for St. Patrick’s day? Finally, ask your orthodontist ahead of time for white, blue, and red rubber bands anticipating the 4th of July and feel pride in our flag colors.

Go Team!

What about wearing black and red Atlanta Falcons rubber bands and showing some pride in your favorite NFL team? Yes, chances are you like basketball as well, and you can add yellow color bands to your braces and support the Hawks at an NFL game.

Possibilities and sports are endless. A fun fact is most sports teams in Georgia share the black and red colors, representing them, even Atlanta United Team in soccer. So, if you are deep into sports and like to support your local teams, red and black are the colors you want for your rubber bands.

But, there are more than just local teams; you can ask your orthodontist for the colors that represent your favorites in the Olympics and the World Cup. If you like contact sports like the UFC and wear braces, try getting a mouthguard and rubber bands that match the color of your favorite fighter.

Rubber Band Colors You May Want to Avoid

Some colors might not look good on your teeth. There is a contrast that could be counterproductive to your image, and that is using white-colored rubber bands. The contrast of white rubber bands with slightly yellowish teeth might make the stains more evident.

Tan or pastel yellow colored rubber bands can also produce an effect that can have a negative visual effect, like stains or spots. However, if you still like pastel-colored rubber bands, you can play a little bit and mix them with a dark color so people can notice there is a difference.

Finally, some combinations include colors resembling food particles, like brown, dark red, and tan, that look like eating chili beans with tortillas, and some food residues got stuck on your braces. So, patients should also consider these combinations before asking for them.

Get Help From Your Johns Creek Orthodontist

No matter what, you can feel free to pick and play with the colors you want. If you want a rainbow of colors in your mouth, just call for an appointment at Newpark Orthodontics, and our staff will gladly guide you in a relaxed and comfortable setting.