How to Choose Your Rubber Band Colors

rubber bands on braces john's creek - Newpark Orthodontics

Getting to choose your rubber band colors is probably the most fun thing about having braces! Choosing your own color scheme is a great way to express yourself and switch up your look every couple of months. There are so many possible color inspirations and combinations out there, sometimes it can be hard to choose just one at the orthodontist’s office. We came up with some ideas and suggestions to help you come up with your next smile style!

Choose Your Favorite Character

Your next rubber band color combo could be inspired by your favorite character! Do you love Spider Man? Try combining red, blue, and black! Is old-school Sleeping Beauty more your style? Try mixing pink and blue to match her color changing dress! Between all the movies, superheroes, comic books, tv shows, and toys out there, the possibilities here are truly endless.

Celebrate the Season

Let your smile be inspired by the time of year! Try mixing red and green to celebrate Christmas time, or light and dark blue and yellow to celebrate Hanukkah. Red and pink rubber bands would be great for Valentine’s Day, and you could even mix different shades of green for St. Patrick’s Day! Lots of people wear special outfits (like ugly Christmas sweaters!), get their nails done, and decorate their homes to reflect holiday seasons, so why not also celebrate your favorite holiday with the rubber bands on your braces?

Go Team!

You can use your braces to represent your favorite sports team, or even your favorite country competing in the Olympics or World Cup! Most sports teams already have contrasting colors, which are great for braces. Everyone will know who you’re cheering for on Superbowl Sunday!

Colors You May Want to Avoid

There are some rubber bands that may not be very flattering on your teeth. For example, white rubber bands create a contrast in your mouth that may make your teeth look yellow in comparison. Many light colors like tan and pastel yellow can do the same thing, so try mixing light and pastel colored rubber bands with darker colored rubber bands. Together, these colors can balance each other out.

Many orthodontic patients also try to avoid rubber band color combinations that resemble food too closely, so that it does not look like you forgot to brush your teeth after lunch! For example, mixing colors like brown, red, and yellow together can start to look more like food particles and less like a fun color combination that you chose.

Of course, these are only a few of the infinite possibilities! We want to see how creative our patients can get with their color combinations. Tell us your favorite rubber band colors in the comments below!