Accelerated Orthodontics Treatment Options for Teeth Straightening

Resources for accelerated orthodontics will have you smiling in no time.

Accelerated orthodontics always raises some eyebrows because people like to wonder, “How long will it take for braces to straighten my teeth?” Orthodontic treatments might be more popular if treatment plans did not have such length. One of the principal reasons why people don’t want to start wearing braces is that the process will take years.

Years in which the patient is limited to evident appliances in their mouth and will experience discomfort or dietary restrictions are long gone. The goal is necessary and totally worth it, but many prospective patients have doubts.

Alpharetta Orthodontics is a science deeply linked to technological advances. The last 20 years have been of significant changes and improvements in the field. The popularization of the Invisalign treatment is creating new ways of teeth alignment. Alpharetta Clear aligners are much more discreet and less restrictive in areas like eating, brushing, and flossing.

Most treatment plans still last two years or more, depending on the particular needs of each case. But nowadays, orthodontists can correct mild issues in a period as short as six months. Patients need this because not everyone is able to commit to three or four years of treatment.

Technology and science are fundamental to achieving these changes, but of course, there are habits a patient can maintain to keep the process on track. Having good oral hygiene, avoiding potentially problematic foods, and assisting most dental appointments are a few.

How Does Orthodontics Work?

Alpharetta Orthodontics is the only effective and safe option to fix alignment issues in your teeth. It’s a dental discipline that works through mechanics. The one thing straightening your teeth is the force applied to your denture.

The pressure gained from tightening your brackets and archwires move your teeth to achieve a straight smile. This is why orthodontics can work on patients from ages 7 to 60 and more. The principle is the same for everyone. Patients only need good oral and dental health and a mature enough denture to fix malocclusion problems.

Malocclusion issues develop when teeth are in the wrong position causing the rest of the denture to sit in the wrong place and interfere with normal dental functions. Having a crowded smile or crooked teeth is a sign of malocclusion problems.

By moving the teeth through orthodontic treatment in Alpharetta, doctors can correct severe malocclusion cases like overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites.

The rule is the same for treatment with clear aligners. BPA-free plastic straighteners use customized molds to adjust your denture, but the mechanic principles are the same. The real difference lies in the number of cases these new technologies can treat. Conventional braces can correct mild to severe malocclusion issues, and clear aligners can’t.

How to Make Teeth Move Faster With Accelerated Orthodontics?

We all wish the answer to this question was straight and simple, but the truth is, this is a more complex subject. As patients, we must remember that a Johns Creek orthodontic treatment implies the restructuration of bone. Because teeth are bones, and so are the jaws.

When you fracture your wrist or knee, you know the process will be long and that you will probably need absolute rest. Fixing a bone cannot happen overnight. However, fixing bones like the ones we just mentioned does not take four years of treatment.

One of the main differences is that your mouth is never in absolute rest under orthodontic treatment; it is as functional as always. Alpharetta Orthodontic treatment is gentler than other medical interventions, and that’s part of it’s a little slower.

With that being said, treatment options are working on the treatment length to be shorter. Devices such as Propel Vpro use the fact that vibration accelerates tooth movement to help conventional braces procedures and invisible alignment.

What Is Propel Vpro?

It’s a vibration device designed to improve tooth movement. It consists of dental trays the patient fits in their mouth for five minutes per day. The vibration helps with the gum and teeth soreness you can experience during orthodontic treatment.

Studies show that vibrating devices accelerate the treatment process. But there are concerns about the secondary effects this practice can have. In some cases, too much vibration can lead to relapse, meaning the teeth move back to their prior position.

Propel Vpro devices have FDA approval (Food and Drug Administration). Follow your doctor’s instructions to avoid any risks. Patient compliance is paramount to ensure shorter treatment lengths.

Avoid Orthodontic Emergencies for Your Accelerated Orthodontics

Alpharetta Orthodontic emergencies are very common and can delay results in your teeth’ alignment. Loose or lost brackets make you and your doctor lose time. Whether it is not a grave issue, you should avoid the habits that may be causing the problem.

Having a loose wire or bracket once in a while is completely normal. The problem comes when this is a recurrent issue because a loose bracket can’t perform its job. If there is no pressure on your teeth, they won’t move.

Things you should avoid in pro of your alignment treatment:

  • Eating hard foods such as corncob, hard candy, and apples.
  • Chewy or sticky foods such as taffy, toffee, gum, and gummies.
  • Hitting your mouth while practicing sports or physical activities.
  • Inserting toothpicks or similar objects in your mouth. Use dental floss instead.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Another important side of patient compliance is good oral hygiene habits. Orthodontic appliances can change your cleaning dynamics, but the cleaning is mandatory anyways.

Brushing and flossing are still key when you wear braces. Brush your teeth twice or thrice a day with fluoride toothpaste, use self-treaders to reach the nooks between your teeth, and use mouthwash. With this, you shall be safe.

Of course, avoiding sweet drinks and sugary foods will help reduce tooth decay risk. If you develop cavities or gum disease during your orthodontic treatment Alpharetta, your doctor will have to make adjustments that will change your treatment plan, at least until the infection has stopped.

Professional cleanings twice a year are the best course of action you can take to ensure your dental hygiene is on point.

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