Four New Years Resolutions for a Happy Dental Year

Each new year brings a fresh start. New year is a time of new beginnings, a time of hope, growth, and positivity. When you’re setting goals for the new year, don’t forget about your oral health.

Here are four simple New Years resolutions to support your smile and complement your healthy lifestyle.

1. Drink more water.

Skip the soda and choose water whenever you can. (This resolution will help you lose weight and increase your vitality, too!)

Sugary drinks are hazardous to your teeth and to your overall health. Sugars provide food for the natural bacteria in your mouth, so the more sugar you eat, the more you’re feeding that bacteria. Eventually, the bacteria bond together to form plaque. If plaque isn’t removed properly, it produces acid. These acids eat away at your tooth enamel, thus forming holes or cavities.

Drinking water will improve every facet of your life. Water is the best beverage you can drink regularly. Water consumption will cleanse your mouth and keep your teeth from harboring too many harmful sugars, and it will also help flush out your internal organs. Our bodies are mostly water, so replenishing that supply is vital. Cheers to the cleanest beverage choice: water!

2. Floss and brush daily

Be diligent with your oral health by flossing and brushing every day. Flossing is very important for preventing gum disease and tooth decay. Floss at least once a day. You can floss more often if you feel like it, especially if you suffer from gum disease or you notice bleeding gums when you floss.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes at a time. Set a timer or turn on your favorite song, and then brush every surface of your teeth. Talk to your dentist about good flossing and brushing techniques to make sure your oral care routine is as efficient and successful as possible.

3. Eat tooth-healthy foods.

It’s easy to choose tooth-friendly foods for your diet, and luckily tooth-healthy foods are also incredibly good for the rest of your body!

Pick raw, crunchy vegetables and fruits like carrots, celery, apples and pears. These foods actually help scrape your teeth clean, and their high water content helps clean your mouth. Sugars and starches turn to plaque if they aren’t removed from the mouth. Dairy products like cheese and milk come with added calcium to help keep your bones strong. Our teeth need certain minerals, namely phosphorus and calcium, to stay safe from cavities. Look for foods high in these minerals to add to your diet.

4. See the dentist regularly.

Biannual dental cleanings remove plaque buildup and help reduce your risk of cavities. Visiting your dentist often will allow him or her to catch any dental or periodontal problems before they’re hazardous to your health.