Braces are a big step in growing up. Achieving a perfect smile and getting a form of braces is seen as common and normal in a person’s life. This is why you should not be scared of getting braces. More often than not, people get or need braces. It is very rare that people do not need braces and already have great teeth. We just want to let you know that having a misaligned smile is nothing to be embarrassed about! If you want to fix your smile, then our team in Johns Creek is here to help!

What is the most common form of braces?

The most common form of braces is traditional metal braces. They are common because they are more ideal for younger patients who are more likely to break or lose other kinds of braces. Traditional metal braces in Johns Creek are durable and long-lasting.

Traditional braces are made from metal and wires. The brackets are cemented to each tooth, and all brackets are connected together with a metal wire. The wire is adjusted over time to eventually correct smiles. The metal brackets and wiring all are durable, so as long as your child stays away from extremely hard foods, they are likely not to break their wires or brackets.

The dental cement keeps the brackets and wires in place, so your child does not have to worry about losing aligners, or having to remember to put their “form of braces” back into place. Invisalign is great. However, it is not always recommended for children for these reasons.

Do you recommend ceramic braces to children and adults?

Typically we recommend traditional braces to children because they are more affordable, and they are customizable! Children love being able to pick the colors of their rubber bands for their braces. Johns Creek ceramic braces are not customizable, and we typically recommend them to adults. They are created to work and function the same way as traditional braces, but they are made to be tooth-colored, so they have a more discrete look. If parents can afford Johns Creek ceramic braces and their children prefer a discrete look, then we, of course, recommend them to children.

Getting braces in Johns Creek can be an easy task! If you feel you or your child may need braces, please make a consultation appointment with us! Our Johns Creek orthodontist will be thrilled to meet you both.