Choosing an Orthodontist With The Right Credentials

ALPHARETTA, GA – Dental work is expensive enough without having to pay for it twice. Unfortunately, Alec Stephen learned that lesson the hard way when she chose a dentist who did not have adequate orthodontic training. It cost her 18 months of time and left her with a smile that had more gaps and discoloration than she started with. To avoid making the same mistake, Dr. Nima Hajibaik recommends you choose an orthodontist with the right credentials.

You can start your search by asking your dentist for recommendations. If you get recommendations from friends you can also share those names with your dentist to see if they can offer any feedback or insight. To get a feel for their practice and philosophy, you can research their websites. Your relationship with an orthodontist will likely last several years so taking your time to find the right one is worth it.

As Alec Stephen found out, any general dentist is able to perform simple dental orthodontics, like braces for adults. This does not make them a specialist, even if they did attend a weekend training course. If you need orthodontic work done, then choosing a dentist who has completed a two year university education program specializing in orthodontics is the best choice. These two years are above and beyond the standard four years of dental school and make a significant difference in knowledge and skill.

Making an appointment with a potential orthodontist is the next step. This is a great opportunity to discuss their specific approach to orthodontic work and find out if they are a good fit for your needs.

For example, Dr. Nima, who not only has specialty certificates in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from the University of Pennsylvania, also spent two years studying at the Roth-Williams International Society of Orthodontists. This had a great impact on his approach to caring for the teeth and jaw and has lead him to practice Alpharetta dental orthodontics in a way that no other orthodontist in Georgia has been trained to do. He believes “the relationship between the teeth and jaw joints is the primary key to long term health and stability of the chewing system,” and that just focusing on tooth alignment is missing the bigger picture.

In Alpharetta, adult orthodontics needs are well served by Dr. Nima and his unique perspective on transforming the teeth and jaw to improve health. Scheduling an appointment with him is the first step to getting the correction and ceramic braces you may need.

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