What Questions to Ask Your Alpharetta Adult Orthodontist?

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It is true, not everyone is an expert in how orthodontics work. This is why it is always okay to ask your Alpharetta adult orthodontist any question that may come to mind. Every orthodontic journey is different, and many patients realize that they have questions after they have already left their appointment, or when they need to make a decision quickly and do not have time to call their orthodontist. Every patient has different dietary restrictions, lifestyle choices, and other situations that can affect their journey with braces. It can be kind of nerve-racking to ask questions; many people are afraid of asking something in fear that it may be a dumb question or have a common-sense answer. 

We want to help you feel prepared and give you the courage to ask any question you need! We want to let you know that no question is a dumb question, and we are certainly happy to answer any question you may have. If it helps, you can always do a little bit of research before your appointment so you can help yourself feel more prepared. If your question does not occur until after your appointment, feel free to give us a call. Here are some questions you may want to ask your Alpharetta adult orthodontist during your consultation!


How often will you need to go to the orthodontist during your treatment plan? The answer will depend on your treatment needs and what kind of braces you have. For example, the frequency will vary depending on how often you need to have your traditional braces tightened, or how often you need to get new Invisalign trays. You may have to go infrequently if you have braces that require rubber bands, and depending on your situation, your teeth may need to be evaluated every two weeks until your teeth are in the proper placement. The answer to this question will help you decide which plan is best for you and your lifestyle, as schedule may become an issue if you live far away from your orthodontist’s office or are extremely busy. You’ll also want to ask how far in advance you should schedule your appointments so that you can always find an open appointment time that will work with your schedule!


How long will my orthodontic treatment last? This question is important to ask, especially if you are planning to move or have an important event like a wedding planned in the near future. Of course, orthodontic treatment length is always an estimate, and the date you actually get your braces taken off will depend on how quickly your teeth move (and how vigilant you are at keeping up with your orthodontist’s instructions at home!). However, your Alpharetta adult orthodontist will be happy to include you in the game plan and keep you updated about your progress as the estimated end date changes.


Whether you’re using rubber bands, retainers, or any other orthodontic accessory or attachment, you’ll want to make sure you know how to properly use and clean them when you go home. Your orthodontist will be happy to explain the accessories to you and make sure you know how to effectively use them to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.


How often will I need to come into the office to maintain my retainers after my braces are off? This is an important question that many adult orthodontic patients do not take into consideration at the beginning of their treatment plan. You will need to see your orthodontist at least a few times after your braces are off to follow up on the effectiveness of your treatment and make sure your retainers are working for you, though the visits will most likely be less frequent than when you actually had your braces.


Everyone’s diet, dietary restrictions, and cultural food traditions are different. It is a good idea to ask your Alpharetta adult orthodontist about your own dietary needs, and they will be able to help you figure out which foods you can still consume with braces and which foods you should take a break from during your treatment. The same applies with Invisalign; it can be beneficial to stay away from certain foods while you are undergoing your Invisalign journey. Asking your orthodontist for a general list of good and bad foods will help you in the long run. 


How should I protect my teeth and braces during practices and games? Your Alpharetta adult orthodontist may recommend that you use a different kind of mouthguard or face mask then you usually do while playing your sport or participating in other athletic activities. This will vary depending on your level of physical activity and the specific sport. Be sure to let your orthodontist know the details of the sport you are playing so you can be adequately equipped with the right gear!

Why choose an Alpharetta Adult Orthodontist?

If you are living in the Alpharetta area, it is a no brainer to go to an orthodontist in Alpharetta. There is a possibility you may like an orthodontist in a different city, but that may cause issues for you. If you have to be seen by your orthodontist fairly often while you have braces or Invisalign, then you want to be seen at an office that is going to be reasonably close to your home. If you have to get wires adjusted or new aligners, it makes sense to stay in the immediate area. Another reason it is good to be seen by an Alpharetta adult orthodontist is that if you accidentally break your brackets or wires, you can quickly get to your office to have the issue fixed. 

The bottom line? Don’t be afraid to ask questions! We want to help you make sure that your experience with braces is the best it can be. If you have any questions or are ready to schedule your consultation, call our orthodontist in Johns Creek today! You can also check out our Newpark Orthodontics website for more information.