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Why Does My Orthodontist Need to Extract Teeth?

Alpharetta, Ga. – Are you seeking Johns Creek braces treatment, but are wondering why your orthodontist might have recommended extracting some teeth before treatment can begin? Dr. Nima Hajibaik is a Roswell orthodontist who treats patients of all ages, and sometimes has to encourage patients to have teeth extracted before he can give them the […]

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What?? I need to wear my retainers for HOW LONG?

This is the typical reaction that I get whenever I talk about retainer wear.  Parents eyes get wider and they have a look of shock on their faces. Let’s talk about orthodontic treatment and what comes after that: a retention period.  Most orthodontists consider this phase of treatment  a very essential part of treatment.  Unfortunately […]

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My Orthodontist says: I need some of my permanent teeth extracted, is he crazy??

Recently I have been getting this question from quite a few of my patients and/or patient’s parents.  This is probably one of the more controversial topics in orthodontics.  Here at Newpark Orthodontics we believe that a multitude of factors can determine if a case is an extraction case or a non-extraction case. I am going […]

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