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Choosing the Right Mouthguard

It is officially back to school season, which means that a lot of kids in Alpharetta are getting ready to get back into their favorite fall sports. Before the fun can begin, it is very important to ensure that your child has all the proper safety equipment they need! Many athletic leagues require participants to […]

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Finally Getting Your Braces Off: What Now?

You’ve been through a year or even multiple years with braces, and now it’s time to get them off! It’s time to celebrate! It’s also time to review what happens next, because your orthodontic journey isn’t quite over. We want to make sure your teeth stay in place, and that will require some discipline on […]

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What?? I need to wear my retainers for HOW LONG?

This is the typical reaction that I get whenever I talk about retainer wear.  Parents eyes get wider and they have a look of shock on their faces. Let’s talk about orthodontic treatment and what comes after that: a retention period.  Most orthodontists consider this phase of treatment  a very essential part of treatment.  Unfortunately […]

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